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Over the last 6 years, I've been on an amazing journey to reclaim my health and wellness. At the age of 49, I was labeled by the doctor as obese and pre-diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This was the catalyst for making changes to my lifestyle. I was on a mission and certainly never expected the results that I have achieved so far.

During the first year, I spent a fair amount of time experimenting with different foods and recipes, gaining an understanding of portion

size, and learning to love  fruits and vegetables. I was a relatively active person much of my life, with a swimming and cycling background. 

Even with that prior fitness, the 30 minute workouts that I started with were uncomfortable and challenging. I would wake up each morning a little achier then the day before. I wouldn't let the aches and discomfort stop me, as I began to see changes in my body at about 2 months in. The scale showed small and steady changes, as well as the measuring tape.

As year one progressed, I frequently hit plateaus on the scale and learned that non-scale victories were just as important. I went deep into my closet to find that smaller sizes were fitting again, as well as seeing that my inches lost was also increasing. I also continued to understand more about food and my relationship with it. 

I built a foundation of healthy habits and routines that first year, which allowed me to rekindle my love of cycling. I bought my first new bike in over a decade and fondly call her the Princessrello. In addition to adding in cycling, I began running again. To my amazement, I was running a pace faster then my early 40s. This was exciting!

Year two of this journey was just as exhilarating. As I lost the weight and inches, and become leaner, my energy level continued to grow. I changed my workouts from that first year, and instead of 30 minutes a day, workouts were 2.5-3 hours/day. I also returned to the world of triathlon, which meant swimming, cycling, and running, in addition to strength/core work. For the longest time the core work didn't appeal to me, as it was just so uncomfortable to perform. But during that second year, I found myself stronger and more comfortable in my body, and began to look forward to core work. In return, the core work has helped me to become a more efficient runner and has increased my watts/kg on the bike.  

As I begin year 6 of this journey, I continue to refine my own nutritional practices and learn what my body needs to thrive. I remain dedicated to training for triathlon and set new goals for myself, as I love the motivation that chasing goals offers me. 

Certifications and memberships include: Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Precision Nutrition, Girls Gone Strong-1, Plant Based Nutrition, Group Fitness Instructor, TRX Suspension Training, National Wellness Institute, and US Masters Swimming







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I'm excited to offer health & wellness coaching, personal training, and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your nutritional, fitness, and wellness goals and dreams.
If you're looking for:

- health & wellness coaching, personal training, & nutrition coaching
- motivation

- an accountability partner

- meal planning/prepping

please check out my services or contact me and let's get moving!

A tool I find invaluable to my own health and wellness:

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Check out Plan to Eat (PTE) for meal planning! I've been using PTE for over 6 years. It's a great tool for organizing and planning meals.




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