In addition to making changes to my nutrition, getting my body moving has been a critical piece of my wellness formula. I love to work out. These were words that I was sure I would never utter. 

Getting my body moving has helped me on many levels. As someone who battles anxiety and depression, moving my body 6 days a week offers me an outlet to reflect, process, and reset. In addition to the positive effects it has had on my emotional health, the physical results have been life-changing. I have energy! Lots and lots of energy and enthusiasm. I truly want others to feel this level of energy and focus as it changes everything — your goals, state-of-mind, your body. 

Here are the programs that I have used and continue to utilize for supplementing my strength training. The programs highlighted are programs that clicked for me. Not every program is for every person, as one trainer may appeal to one person and not another. Many of these programs are from Beachbody and can be found on their website or through their Beachbody on Demand program, which I use. There are thousands of workouts to choose from to meet your fitness goals.

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