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What is a health/wellness coach?

A health/wellness coach is a “change agent” who helps you set and achieve goals, and build new habits for lasting change by:

• accepting and meeting you where you are today

• helping you discover the “why” behind your desired wellness changes

• empowering you as the expert on your own body, mind, and experiences

• guiding you to identify challenges that are hindering change — and harnessing the strengths and tools you have to overcome those hurdles

• helping you to view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow

• assisting you to set and establish realistic goals; small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy

• providing support and accountability

What makes health/wellness coaches unique?
They’re a catalyst for transformation.
What’s the approach?
With a client-centered approach of coaching, the client sets the focus of sessions and owns the insights, the action steps, the work, and the success. This creates a very powerful environment for you to make significant and sustainable changes to your health and wellness for the long-term.
What is wellness? ​

Wellness is dynamic and encompasses many facets. Your individual wellness exploration will likely include a mix of the following:
• diet & nutrition

• weight management

• fitness & movement

• sleep quality

• stress management

• relationships (family, work, social)

• mindfulness
• navigating priorities

• work, school, life-balance

• body image & acceptance

Interested in learning more? Schedule your free discovery call today.
Health & Wellness Coaching 
Three Months
We will begin your journey with a 90-minute session to review your history, uncover your motivators & strengths, craft your wellness vision, set 3-month goals, and weekly goals.
In follow-up sessions, we will review your progress and learnings with your goals, brainstorm and strategize paths forward through obstacles, and continue to make small but sustainable habit changes. 

From our first meeting, I knew working with Beth would be like chatting with a close confidant. Her knowledgeable, down to earth and complimentary demeanor made engaging in conversation and building trust a seamless activity. 

Week after week, she patiently listened as I divulged the rollercoaster of emotions and actions experienced the week prior amongst my own health journey. Always so patient and thoughtful in her responses, she helped synthesize my thoughts in ways that made them easy to understand. She assisted me in brainstorming new actions to consider and always championed my goals with a positive connotation.


Beth understands the level of work and focus needed to execute health changes. She was a real advocate and partner, and never shied away in my moments of despair. Anyone looking for a top-notch health coach and mentor, I highly recommend working with Beth!

My time with Beth was much larger than accomplishing the goals she helped me set up during our sessions, although that part was really great.  When I met Beth, I had some behaviors that are really common amongst parents with young children.  Mainly, I prioritized everyone else's health and wellbeing above my own and didn’t think I had time to take care of myself in the ways I desired.  With Beth’s help, I realized that promoting my own health and wellness was not only possible, it is a value I want to model for my children.  My time with Beth was invaluable and I have made a few missteps since our sessions finished, which would have derailed me in the past.  Now I have the ability to give myself grace, have pride in what I have accomplished, and continue to move forward toward my goals.  I recommend Beth wholeheartedly for her kindness, compassion, and ability to empower others.

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