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Five Years of Discovery, Learning, & Transformation

Five years ago today, my life changed in the most unpredictable way. I had no idea that in changing my nutrition & adding in consistent fitness, I would eventually leave education a few years later, and take flight on a new path path in health & wellness.

Since 2015, I’ve learned and gleaned all I can about health & wellness with a focus on women’s health. Recently I’ve begun to immerse myself in understanding ing everything I can about menopause and Hashimoto’s Disease/hypothyroidism, as I’m officially in menopause, as well as having been diagnosed with Hashimoto. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle 🔺of hormones in my body. I’m unsure of why these two things collided at the same time, but I’m grateful that I had already made lifestyle changes prior to these hormonal shifts, as I’m unsure of what this experience would have been like had I not.

Interestingly enough, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto are quite prevalent, and for many, both often go undiagnosed. I didn’t have any symptoms, and my doc just happened to do a thyroid panel, which revealed an under active thyroid. Even with my hormones out of sync, I still have endless amounts of energy and motivation to keep on moving and grooving my body.

This last year, we also transitioned into a (mostly) whole foods plant based diet, which has allowed me to expand my palate in unexpected ways. I had my doubts that I wouldn’t find enough foods that I liked eating WFPB, and that is definitely not the case. Each week I include at least 1-2 new recipes to try, and am rarely disappointed. I recently started a WFPB nutrition course to get certified in WFPB nutrition, and expand my knowledge about WFPB diets for myself and for my clients who are interested in learning more about this lifestyle. It’s pretty remarkable how the food we consume and the foods we don’t consume effect our organs, moods, and even our productivity.

Are you struggling to make changes in your health & wellness journey? Let’s chat. As always, I offer a free initial consultation so you can get to know me and understand more about the services I offer. Check out my website to learn more about my services, as well as recipes, blogs, workout videos. You can also shoot me an email.

"Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream."


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