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Healthy Storable Foods

The following are foods broken down by produce, refrigerator, freezer & pantry — and the amount of time they will typically stay “good”. On Sundays we usually only buy what's on the shopping list for the week and any other staple items we may be running low on. This past Sunday we bought a bit more items than we normally do, including: frozen berries & veggies, frozen sprouted bread, grains, oats, nut butter, legumes, diced tomatoes, plant-based milk, and tofu. This information isn't meant to cause anyone panic, just offering helpful tips to help navigate these uncertain times. I, like many of you have not experienced something like this before, and so we're all in it together — and learning together. Some of these foods may be out at your store(s) but they're restocking daily. We can be prepared without having fear or hysteria. I have always had a little bit of extra food storage in refrigerator and pantry, as that’s never a bad idea, but be considerate of others' needs too. And say thank you to the store clerks — they're working hard for you.


🍠 3-5 weeks at room temp; 2-3 months in fridge or cold space

Spaghetti squash: 1-2 months in pantry or longer in a cool space

Celery: 3-4 weeks in fridge

🥕4 weeks in fridge

🍎4 weeks in pantry, longer in fridge

Cabbage: up to 2 months (don't wash it until ready to use)

🧅4-6 weeks, 8 months in freezer

🍊3 weeks on counter, 2 months in fridge

🥔2-5 weeks pantry, 4 months in fridge

Fridge: 🥚3-5 weeks in fridge, 1 year in freezer (you can crack them and put them into an ice tray)

Greek yogurt: 4-5 weeks (good source of protein)

Cottage cheese: 4-5 weeks (good source of protein)

🧀1-2 months


Frozen berries 🍓8-10 months (you can buy fresh and then freeze them as well)

Frozen veggies 🥬8-10 months

Frozen 🥩or 🐟varies from 4+ months

🧀6 months

Breads, tortillas, wraps: can be frozen 4-5 months; you can also buy frozen breads (or tortillas) like Ezekiels sprouted breads in the frozen section

Tofu: 3-4 months


Many of these items have a rather long shelf life!

Nuts 🥜🌰

Nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond, etc.)

Dark Chocolate 🍫



Canned foods like: olives, chicken, tuna, salmon, sardines, fruits, veggies



Plant-based milk like unsweetened almond milk (although once opened, must be used usually within a week or so)


Brown rice, farro millet, quinoa


Meal ideas: Taco Boats in sweet potatoes with beans and your favorite additions Chili Chicken or Tofu with frozen veggies & rice or potatoes

Stir fry: frozen shrimp or tofu with frozen veggies & frozen cauliflower rice Chicken Salad: using canned chicken with plain Greek yogurt; could also use canned salmon or tuna Tuna melts & soup Overnight Oats: mix oatmeal, plant-based milk, chia seeds, frozen berries, nut butter and let sit overnight Spaghetti Squash Boats: with cheese, frozen/canned veggies

Snacks: Celery & nut butter Cottage cheese & canned peaches/pears or other fruit 🌰🥜 Protein bars & shakes

Carrots and hummus

Yogurt with fruit or nuts

If you have any ideas or tips, please comment with them. I know we can all learn from one another.

Wishing everyone health, calm, and peace. Let faith, not fear be your compass.

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