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Reimagining 2021

It's likely that most people will be relieved when the clock turns and we begin anew on January 1. This year has been a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Most of us have experienced times where predictability and stability felt far, far away, leaving us feeling powerless and a bit out of control. It’s been a true test of our tenacity, resilience, and endurance. Despite it all, it’s important to reassure ourselves that we have done our best.

With that in mind, let's look ahead to 2021. New years often has the innate ability to bring forth optimism, renewed energy, and hope. With that in mind, let's reflect. Take yourself into the future and let's do a little fantasizing. To be exact, let's pretend it's December of 2021. Reflect on each of the questions below in regards to what 2021 was like for you.

Take your time and ask yourself:

 What am I really glad that I did to make this year a positive experience?

• What do I find myself very grateful for from this last year?

 What am I glad that I did for my own health and well being?

 What am I glad that I did for others?

 What new meaning and purpose did I discover in this last year?

Now, take what you imagined, and perhaps what you have realized from answering the questions above and begin to shape it into a fantasy of what you want 2021 to be like.

We imagine. Then we fantasize. Then we plan. Then we actualize our plan.

The act of fantasizing about what our experiences in 2021 can potentially be like allows us to plan and self-actualize our dreams, hopes, and goals for the future.

Now, let's set some intentions for 2021:

In the coming year I see myself being more..............

In the coming year I see myself being less................

In 2021 I intend to connect more with..................

In 2021 I intend to shift the way that I.................... In 2021 I have the opportunity to.....................

In 2021 I will...................

By the end of 2021 I will be able to see these measurable changes in my life...............

The very act of writing these intentions down and making them conscious is a great first step in reaching your health and wellness goals in the new year. If you want to ensure an even greater probability of success, share them with someone else who is positive and supportive, not critical or negative. Create a plan to check in with them on a regular basis for accountability and support.

A health coach would also be a wonderful point person to connect with about your intentions for 2021, and of course, any and all of your health/wellness dreams and goals. Now through January 8, all health coaching services are 15% off. I always offer a free consultation so you can decide if health coaching is the right fit for your health & wellness needs. Please do email me and/or check out my website for more details.

Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling new year where all of your intentions become your reality.

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I enjoyed doing this reflection, as it offered me a template of what my intentions are for the coming year. If you did the exercise, I would love to hear your takeaways.

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