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Getting my body moving has been a critical piece of my wellness formula. I love to work out. These were words that I was sure I would never utter. As someone who battles anxiety and depression, moving my body 6 days a week offers me an outlet to reflect, process, and reset. In addition to the positive effects it has had on my emotional health, the physical results have been life-changing. I have energy! Lots and lots of energy and enthusiasm. I truly want others to feel this level of energy and focus as it changes everything — your goals, your state-of-mind, your body (mentally and physically). 

In addition to what I mentioned above, here's my TOP 10 list for strength training and core work:

Improves cardiovascular fitness.


Strength & resistance training can potentially reverse
bone and muscle loss


Improves body mechanics like balance and coordination


Helps with disease prevention

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Lowers risk of breast cancer - reduces high estrogen levels linked to the disease


Boosts energy levels

Makes you stronger and fitter

Burns calories

Helps to keep weight off

In my home studio where I train and train clients one-on-one, I have a variety of tools including resistance bands, TRX, weights, kettlebells, BOSU Ball, Terra Core, stability balls, medicine balls, Pilates gear, battle rope, and much more. I design workouts using a variety of gear and some without gear to meet everyone where they are.


Click on any of these videos for workouts and individual moves targeting the whole body, core, upper body, lower body and more. Find many more workout videos on my channel on 

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