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Stock Your Pantry

These are some of the items that I can't live without. I have found that many recipes can be modified to be healthier and that snacking can be delicious and healthy.

Brown Rice: So good for you. I make enough for the week. 

Spicy Maple Syrup and Spicy Honey: A healthier alternative to sugars for many recipes.

Celery: Great for snacking on.

Pistacios (unsalted): A healthy fat and
a crunchy snack.

Red Grapes: Ideal for snacking.

Carrots: Shredded and spiralized for cooking and salads. Mini carrots for snacking.

Liquid Aminos: Healthy alternative to soy.

Greens: Kale, swiss chard, spinach. Steamed, sauteed, or added to shakes.

Ground Ginger: It's yummy addition to recipes and aides with muscle soreness/pain.

Peanut Butter: Healthy alternative and great to cook with. Read the ingredients before purchasing. Peanut butters vary.

Plain Yogurt: For breakfast/snack with fresh fruit and granola, as well as for cooking.

Dark Chocolate: I like chocolate that is about 70% cacao and up. 

Let me know what food items you can't live without.

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