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My name is beth. 

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. On my site, you will discover workouts, tips, recipes, and hopefully some inspiration! I offer nutrition coaching and personal training so please check out the services tab for more information and let's work together.

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FOOD! Looking for new recipes? Check out all kinds of recipes ranging from meat or fish-based to vegan and vegetarian.

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WORKOUTS! Want to move your body? Check out my workout videos, tips, and more!

WORKOUTS! Want to move your body? Check out my workout videos, tips, and more!

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 Workout of the Week:

💎 Bodyweight Core Circuit 💎

💎 Bodyweight Core Circuit 💎

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Bodyweight Core Circuit

Equipment free circuit! Add this to your 🧰. Try performing each move for 20 seconds and 2-3 rounds. Rest as needed in between rounds. As always, you can choose one move or a few, make it work for you.


1️⃣ Russian Twist: With your body in a V  position and your legs bent, twist from side-to-side using your core. If your hands don’t touch the ground each time, that’s ok, you can make that a goal. Make sure to breathe. You can always add a weight or kettlebell to this move to make it more challenging.


2️⃣ Elbow Plank Hip Dip: Engaging your core with your feet together and your elbows underneath your shoulders, move your body to one side, pause and then the other. You should feel this in the transverse abs and obliques.


3️⃣ V Up Scissor Kick: You can perform this move with the support of your hands out behind you or not, depending on your fitness level. In a V-sit position, extend your legs out in front tof you and cross them back and forth in a scissor motion. Again, keep that core engaged and breathe.


4️⃣ Plank Step Up: Start in high plank. Bend one arm to bring the elbow and forearm to the floor. Bring the other arm down so you are in a forearm plank. Push back up to the start position, placing each hand where your elbows were. Repeat this movement, alternating which side you lower first with each rep.


5️⃣ Heel Taps: Raise your shoulders and head off the ground and tuck your chin. Then touch your heels, side-to-side. Make sure to breathe and engage your abs.


6️⃣ Bird🐦 Dog🐶: With your knees and hands on the ground and your back in a neutral position, extend the right arm out and the left leg back, pause a few seconds, and then return to starting position. Make sure to engage your core as this will test your balance and stability. Repeat on the other side.


7️⃣ Cross Crunch: On your back with your chin tucked and shoulders and head off of the ground, reach you