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Pain Cave 2.0 - New look and new tools

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Each year I try to add in a few new tools to my little haven, as well as make the space more inviting — cuz I spend a lot of freaking time down there. Recently, I refreshed the space with a new coat of paint in a completely different color. Who knew a $30 can of paint could revive a space so well! I also added in string lights to give it a homier feel instead of using those very bright overhead ceiling lights.

In 2015 when I began this journey, I had a couple of items in my arsenal: a tv, a DVD player, some DVD workouts, a few weights, a resistance band, a couple of medicine balls, and a BOSU Ball. When adding equipment, I look for tools that will continue to challenge me and improve my fitness, balance, stability, and strength.

The new stuff...

Pilates Ring and Mini Ball: Over the last several months I’ve been mixing up my strength and core workouts and added in mat and barre pilates. I bought a few tools including a pilates ring and mini

pilates ball. Together, both purchases came to about $30. Bargain! The pilates ring works your muscles in a much different way from weights or even TRX. Pilates exercises are designed to lengthen and stabilize major muscle groups and correct imbalances in the body, a common problem for triathletes. What's more, pilates can be relatively inexpensive, time efficient, and easy to perform.

Weighted Bar/Body Bar: Weighted bars are great for strengthening, conditioning, and balance — and can offer a slightly different workout then using hand weights/dumbbells. Weighted bars can be used for a vareity of strength training while challenging balance and stability. Moves can include: lunges, deadlifts, squats, calf rasies, bent over rows, bicep curls, and much more. I use mine on its own and in conjunction with other pieces of equipment, like: TRX, BOSU Ball, step, resistance bands, and the weight bench.

Terra Core: At first glance, the Terra Core looks like a balance-training device, but it’s actually designed to allow for a wide range of movement patterns including step-ups, split-leg squats, and a variety of push-up and jumping options. It also provides an even surface that allows the feet to remain relatively level, which helps promote proper knee, hip and core mechanics. Additionally, the Terra Core is long enough to serve as a bench for lying supine to perform free-weight exercises. I have found it to be quite versatile and have paired it with other equipment like: med balls, BOSU Ball, resistance bands, and battle rope to name a few.

Landice Treadmill L7: This was definitely a splurge. Living in New England, my outdoor running season is limited, as I battle cold induced asthma. I researched treadmills for months and decided on a Landice L7. The L7 (one of two residential units offered) is quiet, very smooth, springy, and sturdy. My husband, an avid runner who isn’t a fan of treadmills, is quite smitten with it too. I love having the ability to get off the trainer and right on to the treadmill to do a brick. I find Netflix and Amazon to be key in making treadmill runs fly by.

What else is in my arsenal? In addition to what I mentioned above: slam balls

kettlebells resistance bands (many types of bands) stability ball




agility ladder

trigger point ball

R8 Recovery Roller roller

yoga mat

sound bar

Apple tv fan


laptop holder

Check out the new move of the week video: TRX Pushup to Reverse Deadbug

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